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tutorial, 25/08/2003 00:20

how to get your MSN Status with PHP ( MSNStatus Class )

With some modifications made to PHPDc, I got MSNStatus v0.1.
You can get the sources here.

You can test the script here.

I can modify this for you so that you can link to it : <img src="MSNStatus.php?"> or work like my demo. Contact me if you are interested.

If you have sockets extension and the script doesn't work, disable it by editing MSNStatus.Class.php :
array_search('sockets',get_loaded_extensions() -> array_search('sockets1',get_loaded_extensions()

I'm sorry for the lack of additional details, no time for that right now.

This script works with MSN8 protocol. The nasty thing about the new protocol is the use of SSL.
You must have PHP with openssl for the script to work.

The new protocol is documented here.

If you found this usefull, please consider making a donation.

Contact me if you want a custom script for your website.

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